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Limited Entry Treatment Why a Sand Plug Works Calculating Hydrostatic Pressure of Proppant Laden Fluids


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Calculating Hydrostatic Pressure
of Proppant Laden Fluids

By Alfred R. Jennings, Jr., Enhanced Well Stimulation, Inc.


Phydrostatic = slurry ⁄ ρwater) × 0.433 psi⁄ft × Depth


ρslurry = ρfrac fluid + Pcon
[1 + (AVF × Pcon)]
ρwater = 8.33 lbs⁄gal


ρslurry = density of proppant-laden slurry, lbs/gal
ρfrac fluid = density of fracturing fluid, lbs/gal
AVF = Absolute Volume Factor of the proppant, gals/lb
Pcon = proppant concentration, lbs/gal (ppa)

Absolute Volume Factors (AVF) for Various Proppants
Proppant Type Specific Gravity AVF (gals/lb)
Sand 2.65 0.0456
Resin Coated Sand 2.56 0.0472
EconoProp/ValuProp 2.70 0.0448
CarboLite/Naplite 2.73 0.0443
CarboProp/Interprop 3.29 0.0367
Bauxite 3.59 0.0337

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